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Our Know-how
Our position as a market leader lies in customers’ satisfaction. The cooperation with our customers ensures a best customized solution for our customers in order to meet their specific needs.

Customer First
The company provides customers with detailed proposals and solutions for entrance/exit security, passage capacity and energy saving based on engineering and calculation. Our professional and experienced experts coupled with the company’s production and installation capacity ensure the completion of all customers’ project in an on-time, quality-ensured and capacity-ensured manner.

Innovation is a never-ending process in our company. We are always finding a better solution for our customers, improving our products, services and work procedures.

High Quality
The company passed the quality system certification ISO-9001: 2008. We use a quality system in the highest standard in door industry for engineering, sourcing, production, test, technologies, supply and service, all of which ensure a high quality we deliver to the customers.

Our products could be engineered and customized to match your building entrance. We offer different designs and solutions for you to select.